Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer's Guide to Effective Writing and Editing (Third Edition)

 by Timothy Terrell, Stephen V. Armstrong
 Copyright: 2008

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  • ISBN Number: 9781402411281
  • Page Count: 442
  • Number of Volumes: 1

Thinking Like a Writer enables you to become a first-rate writer and top-notch editor of both your own writing and other attorneys’ drafts. It shows you how to capture and keep readers’ attention through logical organization, strong introductions, flowing and well-focused paragraphs, and concise sentences that convey precise meaning and proper tone. Featuring dozens of contrasting examples of effective and weak writing, as well as numerous writing do’s and don’ts, Thinking Like a Writer equips you to become an outstanding writer and editor, whether you’re dealing with letters, memos, briefs, or opinions.
  Table of Contents
Chapter 1: From Colorado to Kansas: A Writer’s Journey
Chapter 2: The Principles of Super-Clarity
Chapter 3: Applying Principle 1: From Logic to Coherence
Chapter 4: Applying Principle 2: The Dangers of Default Organizations
Chapter 5: Applying Principle 3: Visible Chunking
Chapter 6: Capturing Your Readers
Chapter 7: Writing Effective Introductions: Making Readers Smart, Attentive, and Comfortable
Chapter 8: Paragraphs: Focus, Flow, and Emphasis
Chapter 9: Sentences: The Wages of Syntax
Chapter 10: Words: Precision and Brevity
Chapter 11: Style: Grace, Vitality, and Character
Chapter 12: The Art of Persuasion: Ethos, Pathos and Logos
Chapter 13: Overcoming the Dr. Strangelove Syndrome: Editing Yourself and Others
Chapter 14: Letters, Emails, Memoranda, Briefs, and Judicial Opinions
Chapter 15: Editing Examples: Applying the Principles and Techniques
  Principles and Techniques

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“Armstrong and Terrell’s lawyer’s guide to effective writing and editing is simply the best book ever written on legal writing. I would advise lawyers, judges, and paralegals to buy it, read it, and use it.”
    —Theodore Hess, practicing attorney and former Marine Corps Staff Judge Advocate

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