An Associate's First Year: A Guide to Thriving at a Law Firm

 by Jennifer L. Bluestein
 Copyright: 2018

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  • ISBN Number: 9781402432712
  • Page Count: 230
  • Number of Volumes: 1

There is more to thriving as a new law firm associate than doing great legal work. Associates must also demonstrate commitment to law firm values; capably manage up and down within their firm; successfully interact with people of different generations, cultures, and backgrounds; champion diversity and inclusion; work smartly and efficiently; contribute to innovation within their firms; manage their workloads; continually learn about their clients’ businesses; and so much more.

An Associate’s First Year: A Guide to Thriving at a Law Firm, edited by Jennifer L. Bluestein and written by more than a dozen experts—including partners, professional development directors, law firm associates, and other legal industry professionals—provides guidance on:

  • The expectations of a first year attorney
  • Starting off right in the first six months
  • Time management
  • Practicing in a global environment
  • Creating “positive visibility” for yourself
  • The importance of pro bono work early in your career
  • Embracing technology and innovation in legal practice
  • Presenting work to senior attorneys
  • Working with secretaries, paralegals, and other staff
  • Establishing yourself as a leader within the firm
  • Receiving and responding to performance feedback
  • Fostering inclusion in a diverse workplace
  • Self-editing your written work
  • Taking charge of your career
  • Practicing self-care
  • Getting the most out of year-end reviews
  • Knowing when it’s time to leave your firm

Each chapter is full of practical suggestions that can help new associates gain confidence and thrive in the first year of practice at a law firm.

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  Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Expectations of a First Year
Chapter 2: The First Six Months: How to Set the Right Tone
Chapter 3: Taming Time for New Lawyers
Chapter 4: 42 Ways to Work Inclusively in an Increasingly Diverse Workplace
Chapter 5: Practicing in a Global Environment
Chapter 6: Creating Positive Visibility
Chapter 7: The Importance of Pro Bono Legal Service
Chapter 8: Embracing Technology and Innovation in Legal Practice
Chapter 9: Success for Diverse Lawyers
Chapter 10: Preparing for a Status Meeting: Presenting Your Work in Person
Chapter 11: Working Successfully with Secretaries, Paralegals, and Other Staff
Chapter 12: Start to Establish Yourself as a Practice Group or Office Leader
Chapter 13: From Draft to Done: Be Your Own Editor
Chapter 14: Own Your Career
Chapter 15: Self-Care for the First Year
Chapter 16: Getting, Accepting, and Retaining Feedback
Chapter 17: Your First Performance Review
Chapter 18: When Is It Time to Leave Your Firm?

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