PLI Current: The Journal of PLI Press, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Winter 2019)

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PLICurrent: The Journal of PLI Press is a quarterly legal journal dedicated to providing timely and relevant analysis, insight, and commentary on topics of interest to practicing attorneys and others in the legal profession. Each issue of PLI Current brings you original articles written by leading practitioners with expertise in a variety of practice areas.

As The Journal of PLI Press enters its third year, we continue striving to bring you expert coverage of legal, business, and professional topics you’ll find interesting and practical. Four of the ten original articles in this issue of PLI Current deal with international/global themes. The first tackles the turbulent world of U.S. economic sanctions even as major developments continued unfolding right up to the day this journal’s publication—including the lifting of sanctions on companies controlled by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and the imposition of sweeping sanctions against Venezuela’s state-owned oil company.

Berliner Corcoran & Rowe partners Daniel Fisher-Owens and Ben Flowe address U.S. export controls and related OFAC sanctions relating to commercial encryption items, e-commerce, and cloud computing—an extensive and detailed review that practitioners in this area will find invaluable.

If your interests involve business in the Chinese market, don’t miss Laura Wen-yu Young’s article on the challenges of protecting trade secrets in China—a topic whose importance is underscored by late-breaking developments involving China’s largest tech company. As this journal was being finalized for publication, U.S. prosecutors filed criminal charges against Huawei Technologies, claiming trade secret theft and bank fraud. While the article does not specifically address these allegations, its timely coverage provides valuable insights into the current environment from someone with significant experience and expertise in this area.

It has been less than a year since the GDPR came into force, and organizations continue to try to understand all of its implications. U.K.-based data protection specialist Richard Lawne examines the tensions between U.S. and European regulation of data held by cloud service providers in the EU.

“Preparing to Take a Deposition,” by Thomas R. Jackson, retired Jones Day partner and author of PLI Press’s Depositions Answer Book, provides expert insights and tips that every practitioner faced with questioning a witness will want to read. And if retirement is something you are pondering, you will want to be sure to check out the final article in this issue, from career management expert Kathleen Brady.

PLI Current is part of PLI’s ongoing commitment to keeping you at the forefront of knowledge and expertise.

  Table of Articles
Article 1: The Chaotic World of U.S. Economic Sanctions in 2018: A Summary of the Main Changes and Key Takeaways
Article 2: U.S. Export Controls Relating to Commercial Encryption Items, E-Commerce, and Cloud Computing
Article 3: Navigating Intellectual Property Licensing Issues in the Bankruptcy Universe
Article 4: Innovation in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry: Beauty Tech Patent Trends and Standards
Article 5: The Challenges of Protecting Trade Secrets in China
Article 6: The CLOUD Act and the GDPR: A Brewing Storm?
Article 7: The Changing Workplace Realities for Low-Wage Workers
Article 8: Costs of Defense in Mass Individual Wage-and-Hour Arbitrations: A Case Study
Article 9: Preparing to Take a Deposition
Article 10: How to Ponder and Prepare for What’s Next in Your Post-Practice Life

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